How Does Roz Write A Love Letter? Part 2

August 17, 2015


Above: The love letter I wrote for the "Love Letters from Artists" show listed below. Stonehenge gray paper, with rubber stamped text and gouache sketches—though my Sean Connery sketch is one I had turned into a custom rubber stamp years ago. I have it in a bunch of sizes. You can't have too many Sean Connery stamps. The S.C. image was done on a piece of gray Stonehenge and then a white border was added with poster paint. It was affixed with photo corners, just because I wanted to do that. The piece had to fit in a 9 x 12 inch envelope, so I created the piece so that it would fold just below "more than you." When the bottom folds up you can read up to "there are 3 things I love." In that way there is a little bit of a surprise, or reveal, for the recipient. Though not really, because if you read the earlier post where Dick and I discuss this letter, he was not surprised by the content or the tone of my love letter.

Way back in May I sent an illustrated love letter to the "Love Letters from Artists," show at the Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis.

You can read about the show at the above link and about a discussion I had with Dick about the letter I produced.

The show closed Saturday. There was a lovely closing party with a good turn out, despite the high heat which really got to me (I cycled in the early morning before the sun came up!).

I promised you that I would post the letter, after the show was over. Above you'll see my love letter to Dick.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the show, either for the opening, closing, or just to view it on your own. I hope you had fun seeing all the different varieties of love letters. And if you were there when I was, I really enjoyed speaking with you.

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    • August 21, 2015


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