Portrait Party and Binding Party Information

January 27, 2011

The MCBA Visual Journal Collective, as of January 2011, has held three portrait parties. Our 2009 and 2011 parties additionally were binding parties. An editioned photocopier book of the event, with all the portraits paired opposite each other (the portrait you drew was opposite the portrait your partner drew of you) was created at each of those parties.

I’m in the process of preparing a video about binding the 2011 book. I will also be posting more detailed instructions.

It’s my hope, that by putting this information up on the blog other groups will be encouraged to create books commemorating their sketching events (whether it’s portrait parties or sketch outs). I think these events are a great way to get people sketching, making books, and in general, just having a lot of fun—with something to show for it afterwards.

Oh, and if you do end up throwing a sketching and binding party I would love to see jgs of the output!

I’ll add links as this information is updated. Here are some posts related to this on-going project.

Portrait Party Japanese Stab Binding and Stitching Video

Portrait Party and Binding Party Instructions 

• Portrait Party 2011 Wrap Up  (We created a Japanese Stab Binding for this booklet.)

• Portrait Party 2010 Wrap Up   (Ken Avidor presented sketches he made at the Petters trial, discussed sketching people, and then we all sketched a partner in our own journals. This post ends with several photos of people and their sketches.)

• Portrait Party 2009 Case (A paper case was made to contain the printed book and master set of sketches.)

• Portrait Party 2009 Wrap Up (We created a pamphlet structure for this booklet.)

If you use this blog’s search engine to look for “Portrait Party” references you’ll also come up with posts I wrote while preparing for the party—posts which generally discuss my decisions regarding which pens to use and how I’m practicing.

The MCBA Visual Journal Collective’s annual portrait parties were inspired by Rama Hughes’ The Portrait Party website. Check out the fun stuff there.

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