2020 Online Classes at Roz Wound Up

Note: Registered students will have access until  December 31, 2021.  

The teaching platform will close on December 31, 2021. Read about closing here.

Want to know more about classes at Roz Wound Up? Check out the FAQ here.

Join Any Time Classes and Tutorials

Roz-Interim Subscription Blog on Patreon

See what I am sketching. View time-lapse and real-time videos. Join me in monthly webinars. Read posts geared to helping you push your creativity. Click here to select a tier level for your subscription. You can begin and end your subscription at any time. (This subscription blog is not connected to the Ruzuku platform and does not share its closing date.) 

When you join my Patreon subscription blog you will have access to all the posts on the Patreon blog at the level you join at. There is already a year of posts so there are 12 main videos as well as extra videos, webinars, and additional posts that will open depending on which subscription tier you sign up for.

Note that the Patreon blog is not connected to RozWoundUp. This blog, RozWoundUp is my free, public blog. (Due to some blog platform transfer issues some blog posts on RWU may be closed. When using the search engine or returning to them from a saved link they may come up “password protected.” Only my web-designer and I have access to those posts. I hope at some point to have them working again, but have no fixed schedule as to when that might be. On any given topic there should, in the 12 years of the blog, be some overlap resulting in additional posts for you to read. I hope you’ll enjoy the other posts.

By Design: The Intentional Page

This is a self-guided class with over 30 lessons and 7 hours of video closed to new students on December 15, 2020. It remains open to all registered students through December 31, 2021 when the platform closes.

The Simple Pamphlet Book 

I believe everyone should learn how to make a pamphlet so I have created a FREE “The Simple Pamphlet Book” class.

Use that link to join the class at any time. I recommend you join before November 2021 so you have at least a month to review materials before the teaching platform closes on December 31, 2021.

In detailed lessons I’ll introduce you to the supplies and techniques you need to make not only a simply pamphlet, but the Japanese Double Pamphlet. Class includes a detailed explanation and demonstration of tearing paper. These are skills you’ll need for ANY bookbinding project. 

Scheduled Classes for 2020

All online classes running for a scheduled time with teacher participation have now closed their registration. I will not be teaching scheduled classes online in  2021.

If you wish to enjoy my teaching I recommend you subscribe to my Patreon Blog. There I continue to give demonstrations, webinars, and impromptu classes on creativity, painting, color theory…

My free pamphlet making class, listed above, remains open to new students. I recommend you register by November 1, 2021 so that you have time to watch the pamphlet lessons before the platform closes on 12.13.21 (next year). 

Students in all sessions of all classes will have access until the platform closes on 12.13.21 (next year). 

In-person Classes for 2021

All in-person classes and appearances have been canceled until the pandemic issues are resolved. When I decide to teach any in-person classes I will write about it in a blog post. Be safe and well.

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