Frequently Asked Questions for Roz Wound Up Classes

Roz at a recent Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out.



I closed my teaching platform on December 31, 2021.  

Currently the only teaching I’m doing is on my Patreon site. You can visit me there at this link.  


What Types of Classes Will I Offer in the Future?

Currently I don’t have plans to offer online classes, except for the teaching I do on Patreon/RozInterim.

It is uncertain (as of June 2022) whether or not I’ll return to in-person teaching. Covid has made that difficult in recent years, but changes in vision following my cataract surgery also make it difficult for me to arrange in-person classes—I only have “useable” vision for a couple of hours each day.

I will post on this blog and Facebook (Roz Stendahl) if this changes in the future, so please stop by from time to time.

Other Options to View Roz Working and Talking about Sketching and Painting

To see current work you can continue to visit me here at RWU. Additionally I post on Instagram @rozstendahl 

There I typically post cropped images because of the square format. Eventually full images end up on RWU with some related text. 

Also in Instagram I have some speed-videos in vertical format showing me sketching. Check under both “Reels” and “Videos” below my bio on Instagram. (“Videos” is where most will appear going forward.)

I also have been posting videos on my channel on YouTube. Once on that page click on the “Videos” tab and all videos will pop up. These go way back, including the time I was shooting with a camera that did only 60 seconds of recording at a time! But there are some fun things on how to tear paper, make a pamphlet, make a Japanese Stab Binding, make a small paper case for journal cards or small zines, some journal flip-throughs, and of course “Prized Possession” videos.

From 2019 you’ll see me wearing a hat in my videos. I’m sorry if this is distracting to you, but post cataract surgeries in 2019 I now deal with permanent glare and flare issues. A billed cap to keep the light out is the only way I can function long enough to get a video taped.

I don’t post very frequently to YouTube. I prefer to use Vimeo because of the way it lets me stage videos for my Patreon subscribers. 

Here’s a Youtube video to get you started. A watercolor portrait of a dog made using a triad of pigments.

As mentioned I also post some public videos on my Vimeo page.

There you can see some more sketch demos, discussions of art materials, and also excerpts from my final two online lectures. There’s even a video of me sketching some animals at the Minnesota State Fair—you can see how I hold my tools and palette. 


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