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Roz Wound Up Online Classes

Currently I do not offer any online classes. I am continuing to connect with past students and journal/sketch curious readers at a new subscription blog. Details follow.

A New Subscription Blog

In December 2019 I started a subscription blog where I could demonstration videos as of me sketching. On those blogs I talk about the approach I’m demonstrating, typically in reference to a set topic for the month.

On that blog I also have a monthly webinar and various posts that contain information about art materials, testing, practice, and creativity. This is new material, not seen on Roz Wound Up.

Why do this as a subscription blog? I needed to pay for platform tools that would allow me to share the longer videos with readers. It allows me to share my post-cataract surgery art process as a way to help others think about their art process. And since I’m not currently teaching online or in-person classes, it allows me to keep my hand in teaching, which I have always enjoyed.

If you would like to join me please go to this link.

Subscribers have access to any previously posted materials available at the their subscription’s tier level. Tier 3 subscribers also have access to a private discussion group on Facebook and the monthly live webinar.

Thank You To Current and Past Students

Thank you for choosing me to help you meet your art goals. I enjoy the continued contact we have through the classroom and in designated groups like my private Drawing Practice group on Facebook. I look forward to seeing what you do as you go forward with your sketching.

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