The Seventh Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out—Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 24, 2015

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Above: the meeting location for the Seventh Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out. If you aren't familiar with the Fairgrounds stop at an information booth, pick up a map and look up U26/27 on the official Fair map. Copy this image to your computer and print it out so you can take it with you as a reminder, or call it up on your smart phone if you're all digital now.


It's all set, it's almost here! The Fair opens on Thursday and runs through Labor Day. Go as many times as you want, but if you're a sketcher, be sure to make plans to attend on 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

We'll have a meeting a 4:30 p.m. at the location "B" on the above map.

If it's raining on the day, go into the Agriculture/Horticulture building and move to the center hub of the spoked hallways. We'll meet there.

Join intrepid sketchers spread across the Fairgrounds, sketching everything that takes our interest. The Sketch Out is free (you have to pay your own Fair admission). All skill levels are welcome. (I recommend if you're bringing a child along to participate that you forego sketching and watch the child.)

All Skill Levels Are Welcome! If you don't come out and sketch live subjects you'll never get better at sketching live subjects. And where else are you going to find this many live subjects, in one place, at one time???

Each year we have people from the MCBA Visual Journal Collective, Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities, and MetroSketchers. And a bunch of non-affiliated sketchers who just can't help but join in the fun of capturing the "Great Minnesota Get Together" on paper. 

Go early in the day and sketch your heart out, then bring your sketches to our meeting. Come later in the day to the meeting, planning to sketch afterwards. It doesn't matter, just get yourself to the Fair to sketch!

Sketching is an exciting, fun-filled way to experience the Fair in an extraordinary manner—by pausing in the crowds and chaos to take time to really observe closely.

If you are wondering what there is to sketch at the Fair, or you are unsure how to prepare and what to bring, I suggest you go right now to my Minnesota State Fair Round Up.

On that blog page you will find posts on how to sketch in public, sketch at the Fair, what to sketch, how to prepare for the event, how to dress, and how to pace yourself on treat consumption. You'll even find posts about whether or not you should bring a folding chair and suggestions for chairs should you decide to bring one. Other supplies and tools are also suggested. I want you to have the most fun at the Fair as possible—and I want you to get some sketching done.

Look, I can't make you have fun, but for the past six years I've tried to provide you with at least one really great opportunity to do exactly that. An opportunity to produce what might end up being your finest work! So come and join us for a seventh year of adventure. You'll end up with some great stories and fun sketches.

But wait, there's a button. Who doesn't love buttons? 

We have a special year 7 button with a fabulous illustration by veteran Fair sketcher Ken Avidor. The MSFSO started because of a conversation Ken and Roberta Avidor had with me when we were all sketching out at the Fair. I'm so happy to have his art on this year's button because it's my final year as coordinator for this event.

Come to the meeting and get a button! If you see me sketching (probably in the animal barns!) swing by and ask for a button. I will have them with me.

To commemorate my final year coordinating the MSFSO I've also made another series of buttons summing up how I feel about the Fair. You'll receive one of those buttons too, when you attend the meeting.

I hope you are already packing your supply bag!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all sketching at the Fair.

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    Have fun Roz!! I’m looking forward to seeing your Fair sketches!! Fair season here is just beginning with the first local fair happening this coming week end which I’m going to go to as a warm up for the big fair that happens at the end of Sept. Actually, I’ve already been going around to local pick your own orchards and farms stores which typically have pens of goats, alpacas and llamas as attractions for visitors to get in the live animal sketching groove. Connecticut doesn’t actually have a “State” fair, most likely because New England has the Big E which is in Massachusetts. I’ve never been because it’s really, really big and crowded something I don’t particularly enjoy. However the largest of the local fairs is just 30 min. from me and that’s the one I always go to in Sept. You inspired me and last year was my first year sketching at the fair and it was a wonderful experience. I treasure the sketches and the experiences talking with the animal owners, all of whom were thrilled to have me select their animal to sketch. Really good stuff all around.

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    have a ball Roz…. I did at our Brisbane EKKA (our Royal Show for Qld, Australia)… I can’t seem to attach images to this so I can’t share but it was fun!!

    • Molly Reed
    • August 24, 2015

    Have an absolute GREAT time!! Our fairs down bere are all in February/March ’cause it is waaaaaay too hot to do so otherwise. Right now we’re in triple digits + add on the heat index of 70+ dewpoint/90 something humidity. Ugh! I will anounce to the horses, chickens, & guineas here – plus the dogs – that we are going to do a sketch out by proxy while you’re enjoying the MSF. Some from the windows that look right out to the front pastures…. Heat exhaustion really puts a damper on a good sketch out.

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    Argh! Even after all your posts I wrote down the wrong date on calendar. Had so been looking forward to the wrong date! Will be at Fair two more days this season – sketching my little eyes out. Sorry to be missing the group Sharing this year. Back to making tomato sauce… Argh.

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    Sue, I’m sorry you couldn’t join us. It was a great sketch out and a lot of terrific work was created.

    Keep your eyes open for the 2016 sketch out details. Marty Harris is going to be coordinating from now on. I’ll still post information about the sketch out on my blog, but you might want to go and follow or friend Marty on Facebook so you can stay in the loop.

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    Ruth, it was really fun to catch up at the Sketch Out and spend some time together.

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    Thanks for sending images via email. I loved seeing your sketches.

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    Other folks have told me about the Big E. I hope to go some day. (I just looked up your attendance records for the Big E, we get about that in our 12 days of fair here. So the crowds must be smaller at the Big E. And they don’t seem to have POULTRY!!!!! EEEEEEEE. Maybe I’ll stay home.)

    I’m not big on crowds either, but actually all that flies away the moment I get to a Fair. It brings my mind back to going to the Royal Melbourne Show as a child, and well, I guess for 12 days a year I suspend my dislike of crowds for the 4 or 5 days I spend there. I don’t question this. I’m just glad it happens.

    I hope you get out to one of the local fairs for a little bit of sketching. It is really fun, as you say, to connect with the farmers!

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    Hope your sketch out by proxy went well! Heat exhaustion does put a damper on things. We had some hot days this year. I’m still rehydrating!

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