February 2021’s Painting Demo On Patreon

February 5, 2021
Watercolor sketch on Italia cold press watercolor paper (140 lb.)

Patreon-RozInterim is my subscription blog where I do drawing and painting demos. For February 2021 I did this portrait shown in this post.

I’m excited about it because I love painting with glazes of color, and this sketch gave me the opportunity to demonstrate this to subscribers.

Another thing I enjoy about having the Patreon site is that I can show a painting session in real time and viewers can get an accurate sense of how I work. They see when I wait for paper and paint to dry, how I’m mixing colors, the brushes I’m using, etc. 

This particular painting took 2 hours to complete. It’s all on screen, except I did cut out the time I got up and walked across the room to dry the paper with the hair dryer. (I just let you know that I did that so you’re aware of what’s going on.)

One of the things I observed in over 30-years of in-person art teaching is that students more quickly understood a process when they could see me working through the steps in real time. Step-by-step photos were great, but those often led to assumptions about the process that left students frustrated when they tried to follow it. Seeing me painting solved all that. 

If you follow the link in this post to check out my Patreon site you’ll see that there are three tiers you can sign up for. Each tier builds on the earlier one, which means that Tier Three includes all the other perks provided at Tiers 1 and 2. Why do it this way? Well some people really don’t want to watch someone paint for 2 hours so signing up at the Tier 1 level where the perks are a speed version of the demo and one creativity post a month is great for them. Those subscribers typically already understand the variety of media I’m working in and seeing the process sped up is fine for them.

Tier 2 subscribers like to see the full version of the demo and have an additional creativity post, but they really don’t feel any need to have a live Q&A with me every month. 

Tier 3 subscribers enjoy not only having that monthly Q&A, but also being part of a private group where they can post their work and chat with me and other subscribers throughout the month.

Often our discussions in that group, or in the Q&A lead down interesting paths. In order to answer questions about how to do daily art projects I created a series of posts and discussions to cover the generation of an idea (derived from your art goals) and the implementation of the project steps. Project of Projects resulted in the “Do It Anyway December” project where participants worked on their customized project each day in December.

Currently, in addition to the regular perks I’m having a series of color theory chats with Tier 3 subscribers. This also came out of a subscriber’s question about one of my demos. I find it very fun to work with readers actively engaged in an art discussion. My eye health makes it impossible for me to video tape and edit the hours of class lessons I have made in the past for my online classes, but these discussions allow me to continue to teach. I find that very fun.

What Else Do You Need to Know About the Patreon Site?

Patreon is a platform that allows “creators” to post work for subscribers. Patreon handles the technical aspects and all the billing. Creator’s get to set how they want to bill for their postings. My Patreon site is set up so that you can join on a monthly or by year basis.

You can start subscribing at any time. All of the past posts (including demos) available at the level you join open to you the moment you subscribe. Since I’ve been doing this since December 2019 that means if you join at the Tier 3 level over 15 demos open to you immediately, as well as numerous posts and taped Q&As.  

If you unsubscribe at the monthly level you simply aren’t billed the next  month. If you unsubscribe at the yearly level you receive back a prorated amount that reflects the unused part of your yearly subscription. It’s that simple. And best of all Patreon handles all that so I can use my time making more demos.

What topics have I covered on my Patreon site? Watercolor, pen and ink with ink wash, direct brush sketching with ink wash, dip pen, brush pen, using watercolor opaquely, collage, page layout, pretty much all the types of things you see me do all the time in my journals.

If that all seems interesting to you, I hope that you will come over to Pateron-RozInterim and check it out.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Will material from the Patreon site appear here on RozWoundUp? 

Never say never, but I have told my Patreon subscribers that I will not publish Patreon-RozInterim material here on RWU for at least 6 months.

In the 15 months I’ve been posting on Patreon-RozInterim so far I think I have only had one article appear on both blogs. And that was more a situation of something I wrote on RWU and wanted to share a more in-depth version with my Patreon readers.

What if I can’t find the Patreon link or the post about it?

Don’t worry if you want to check out my Patreon site and can’t find the link.

On any blog post page here on RozWoundUp you’ll find the right sidebar carries an image announcement of what is happening this month on Patreon. (I leave several past months up as well so you can see what has been going on.)

Just click on any of those sidebar images that say “on Roz Interim” and you’ll go right to the sign up page where you can read all about the perks and sign up if it seems a good fit.

Why Have a Subscription Blog?

I wanted to share lengthy demonstrations with past students and avid internet readers. In order to do that I need to pay for video hosting and some other technical expenses. Having the subscription blog pays for those items. In that way it is self-supporting. I’ve kept the subscription cost low to make it as affordable as possible.

What does it mean when RozWoundUp posts that show up “password protected” or “private.”

What’s that about? First those notifications have nothing to do with my Patreon site. RozWoundUp, is simply my public blog and not connected to the Patreon site.

Longtime readers will remember, there were problems when I moved this blog from the Typepad platform to a WordPress blog format.  Unfortunately Typepad formatting doesn’t play well with other blog platforms and there are several things on RozWoundUp which still need to be fixed. These are time intensive to fix. They will show up as “password protected” or “private” when they come up in a blog search. Being a past student of mine on Ruzuku or being a current Patreon subscriber does NOT get you access to any of those posts. Those posts are available only to me. I do not see these posts being fixed any time soon. I appreciate you understanding my frustration over this situation. 

Since I’ve been writing the blog for over 12 years I’ve written on most topics more than once. I feel confident that you’ll find, through this blog’s search engine, additional posts on any topic you were searching the blog for. If not you can always contact me through the blog, that’s what the contact tab in the navigation menu is for. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading RozWoundUp.

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