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In Context: Found Photos of the Girls

  This is a page from a small Hahnemühle Toned paper journal. The photo “stickers” are about an inch wide. I found a stack of these stickers from 1990-91 while clearing out some stuff in the downsizing.  I put them in a couple journals I have going right now, and tossed the extras. I figure […]


How Does Roz Write A Love Letter? Part 2

Above: The love letter I wrote for the "Love Letters from Artists" show listed below. Stonehenge gray paper, with rubber stamped text and gouache sketches—though my Sean Connery sketch is one I had turned into a custom rubber stamp years ago. I have it in a bunch of sizes. You can't have too many Sean […]


Ken Avidor Sketches Snow Piles and You Should Too

See the full post for details.


Some Really Poor Photos To Make a Point—Or Searching for the Perfect Folding Chair

See the full post for details.


Sketching in the Dark

See the full post for details.

Holiday Greetings From Roz and Dick in 2011

See the full post for details.


Themes and Serendipity

See the post for complete details.

Snow, Snow, Snow—It’s Beautiful

See the full post for some thoughts on snow and snow piles.


Tapes Galore: Resistance is Futile

See the full post for a look at a masking tape collage and comments about this and another unusual product.


Practice Before Bed

Just a need to draw something.

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