In Context: Found Photos of the Girls

September 21, 2022


This is a page from a small Hahnemühle Toned paper journal. The photo “stickers” are about an inch wide.

I found a stack of these stickers from 1990-91 while clearing out some stuff in the downsizing. 

I put them in a couple journals I have going right now, and tossed the extras. I figure if I can get my digital files straightened out and have access to my digital index again, I’ll always be able to find one set going forward, just to look back and smile.

I have no idea where the large prints or negatives got to. They were not in the same location.

Funny Story…

See that chair Dottie is halfway under (third photo from the top)? We were renovating the duplex when she was a puppy and first came to live with us. She and Emma would rough house on the 50-year-old wool carpet.

When we started renovations (which were pretty simple because we didn’t expect to be here more than a couple of years) we all moved upstairs and closed off the downstairs so that the carpet could be removed, floors sanded, doors and windows shifted about…

Time flew by. When we came downstairs the first morning when everything had been cleared away, Dottie raced into the “living room” where her chair was and started her “home base slide” to take her to the safety zone under the chair—safe from a pouncing Emma.

The look on her face when she discovered she’d grown so much she no longer fit, was priceless. Emma was gentle with her.

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