Snow, Snow, Snow—It’s Beautiful

January 23, 2011

See the full post for some thoughts on snow and snow piles.

Last year, in the 2009-2010 winter my friend Ken Avidor started posting piles of plowed snow. When he draws them they are living entities. Inspired by his interest in snow piles I kept my eye out for my own. I captured the remains of a mega snow pile last week and have posted it over on Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities. (The first link will take you to the sketch, the second link will take you to the blog's home page where you can scoll down and see some of Ken's snow sketches.)

According to "Weather Dock" on my computer it is 12 degrees F right now and it feels like -3. I  won't be going out again today to check it out. I have a lot of work to do inside, and we just made some chocolate chip cookies. I'm going to make ice cream sandwiches. Last week I celebrated my birthday and while I couldn't convince Dick that we should have another go at "the-year-of-daily-gift-giving," he was game enough to extend the celebration to today's cookie fest. (Friday we went out for Pot Roast at the Modern Cafe, Saturday we went to the movies and had Chocolate, Chocolate Cake, and today…well I've already explained what I'm going to be up to as soon as I hit "publish.")

Enjoy the weather you have. There's something beautiful about it. (And that comes from a woman who has stood hundreds of hours in torrential rains in the wilderness with her dog—one word makes it all OK—Gortex. OK, before I had Gortex I just had Emma, and frankly she's all it took.)

    • Carolyn
    • January 23, 2011

    Happy Belated Birthday, Roz!

  1. Reply

    Marsha, I was there on THURSDAY. If I had known you were there on Friday I would have crashed your party! I am addicted to pot roast!

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