One More Dog Sketch

January 24, 2011

See full post for details.

Above: Bulldog sketch; Staedtler Pigment Liner and Schmincke Gouache, in a journal I made with Arches Text Wove (Velin Arches).

I'm working on three rather long posts for the blog—none of which is ready for today. I thought another dog sketch might entertain you until the other posts are completed. This sketch was made on a cold night in December when I couldn't get out and sketch—using photos from a dog-park visit I had taken, put up on my computer screen. Beats not sketching, but it sure isn't as fun as hearing the panting and getting covered with fur and slobber.

Sunday night Dick and I took video of me stitching the remaining Portrait Party books, so I'll be able to post that and some additional instructions (probably next week). During my b-day week I've been sketching and painting with gouache, while getting my thoughts together for a gouache demo I am doing in February. There's a long post on that because the way I'm painting is not the way I'll be talking about painting. Odd right? Well it made sense at the time. And I have a bunch of stuff to say about television, movies, and some more materials I just got to test (including a fun paper that I painted those gouache paintings on). You get the idea—much more to come. Thanks for checking in.

Now that all the Portrait Part books are bound I can actually see my work table again! That's a good sign.

Have a great Monday. If it's too cold where you are to get out for much sketching, stop on your way home from work and treat yourself to a few flowers—just some unusual ones that have interesting shapes and negative space, to draw! Three odd flowers aren't going to break the budget (I'm not advocating getting an arrangement). Stay away from those little fiddly filler flowers. Go for the bold large flowers you can sit back from and draw with broad strokes to fill your page. Splash some color around or make bold strokes with a watersoluble crayon. The light is changing. The days are getting longer. Spring is coming. Prepare with bold strokes.

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