Let’s End the Week with a Dog

January 22, 2011

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Above: Just what the caption says, an English Toy Spaniel. Arches Text Wove (Velin Arches) paper bound into a book that's 7 x 9 inches or so, and was volume Q10. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.

Let's end the week with this quick dog sketch from the end of 2010. Some dogs really say it all in their expression! Unfortunately I forgot to note down the colors of this dog, but it was a Blenheim (sp?) so that will probably give me an idea for coloration if I look it up. Thing is, after I finished the sketch I just didn't want to add color.

Walk away from one of your sketches today. The focus says what you want; you made one good line; you feel you've said enough—whatever, just stop. Look at it again another day (next week) and decide how you'll change your approach next time. Will you have a different focus; will you work in color instead of black and white, or vice versa; will texture be important; will you use a different pen and capture a different quality. So many fun decisions to make. Over and over again.

    • Leslie Schramm
    • January 22, 2011

    Donald Sinden in his Autobiography has a picture from when he was learning to sketch and draw. He got very good indeed, but the only picture in the book is of a single sinuous curve. He had his wife for a life model and this single stroke captured , for him, perfectly the curve and flow of her back, and that’s the sketch he was most proud of. I;m not one of life’s little dog fans, but that sketch is perfect. Colour is sometimes a distraction. I take squillions of photographs (certainly 250,000 in the last 5 years(, all exist in an archive but I guess 2000 got printed, and about 200 are excellent, and about 1/3 are certainly black and white, and almost all are crops of some bigger image.

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    Color can be a distraction Leslie. I have a several photographer friends and I think I always like their black and white work best—but then they all have great eyes for seeing contrast and value.

    I fell in love with the shape of both of my dogs by drawing their lovely lines.

    But sometimes I have to destroy lines too—more on this later this week in a post.

    Thanks for you comment. I’m glad you liked this little guy. Personalities of dogs continue to amaze me and I lived with two!
    (not counting two dogs in childhood).

    Congratulations on the photograph percentages, those are great numbers! I’m happy if I get a few good paintings a year. But I’m really, really happy if I get a lot of fun lines in my journal in the same year.

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