Snow Pile By Any Means Necessary

February 9, 2022

The weather is turning warm again, getting back into the 20s (Fahrenheit). I’ve been able to sketch a couple snow piles this winter, but I think it wasn’t until almost the end of December that I got one! 

Before the weather gets too warm and we want to think only of other things, I thought I needed to post this.

The real point here is that it might be cold (it was very cold and windy on December 19); and you might have finished your journal and forgotten to put a new one in your purse; and you might not have any paper; but you can still sketch, especially if it is a snow pile.

This pile was long—over 60 feet; and taller than I am, way taller, over 7 feet tall. 

Lesson: At least keep a binder clip in the car at all times to combat the wind blowing your tissue paper around!

    • Kim
    • February 9, 2022

    🙂 You are such a marvelous inspiration!!! Thank you!

    1. Reply

      Kim, I am so glad you enjoyed this one. I discovered more fun snow piles on errands today with Dick and when I’m on my own I’m going to go back!

    • Georgy
    • February 9, 2022

    YOU are So Fun!!
    love & love,

    1. Reply

      I think I gave Dick a moment’s pause tonight—we had to run some errands and he had not had lunch and it was getting late (like 5 p.m.) and I said, “How tall to you think that snow pile is?” and I think he thought I wanted to stop and sketch it, and later, “Look, snow boulders, I have to sketch those,” not meaning today. I wanted him to get home and get fed. But I saw so many 15 or 18 ft. tall snow piles as we drove out to our errands today! Places I’ll go back to, with paper!!!!

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