Yep, The Posts Are Shorter…for Now

July 4, 2022
Quick sketch of Elliot Barnes-Worrell from “Van der Valk.” Brush pen on Fabriano Artistico 90 lb. Hot Press Paper which I had bound into a journal.

A kind reader wrote to me last week and said, “Do you know your full blog posts aren’t being posted? I get your email notice of a new post, click on the post, and when I get to the blog there is no additional text.”

Of course I went right away to check things out. Stranger things have happened. 

But what I saw was that I had simply posted a series of short posts. I’ve done this in the past. Often I post something from my “In-Context” category and it’s just the page spread and a little or no blog text. Everything you need to know is on the page in the image. Those are the shortest posts I think I do.

Of course I’m infamous for my long posts. (Several readers have written in the past telling me none too delicately that I write too much. I don’t know how to respond to those comments as 1. I would have to write to them and they are already overburdened by my output, and/or 2. Isn’t the quickest remedy to me writing too much just to stop reading?)

I looked at the short posts and I felt they did end a little more abruptly than usual so I could understand why the reader assumed there was more. 

Let’s just say this, yes, there is always more.  

Dick likes to comment that someone can give me any random topic and I can talk about it for 60 minutes off the cuff.

It’s actually true, as my exhausted students can attest.

It’s possible through my love of looping and interconnectedness, my vast general and specific knowledge, and my deep curiosity about everything.

My students keep hoping the Vulcan Mind Meld thing will soon be universally available; and Dick, well he’s entertained and he’s a long-distance swimmer so we really don’t have to worry about his ability to absorb more.

I’ve posted almost 2,800 posts since I started this blog in 2009. Since most of the early posts were quite long, and other long posts have followed, Dick estimated (I believe using averages for length) that I’ve written over 2 million words. Boy I think I might need a nap!

I’m sure I’ll write long (or longish posts again—contain your groaning), but for now, personal changes are taking me away from the computer. And I really wanted to stay in touch. So shorter posts are just perfect. I believe you always need to seek balance in your life. 

If you find you do need a little more Roz please come and join me on Patreon.

Meanwhile, (see how I looped that in, RozInterim, Meanwhile…looping, looping, looping) I thought it would be good for me to post about this perception of blog post being cut,  because it occurred to me other readers might think this is going on too.

So, long or short, going forward, I hope you’ll find the posts interesting, drop me a comment, and then get on with your day, and most of all get on with your sketching.

And to help you know the post is really, most sincerely ended I’ll try to remember to conclude short posts with, what goes without saying in my world—the hope you get some sketching done today.

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    I’m super happy for whatever I get–long, short, anything in between! Roz is one of the most talented and generous souls on the planet!

    1. Reply

      Faith, thanks so much for letting me know you enjoy the blog (at whatever length the posts are) I really appreciate knowing that! (Now get some sketching in! Those pups are probably napping.)

      • Connie Cole-Craven
      • July 5, 2022

      I agree with everything Faith said. I am always eager to read whatever Roz writes… long, short, doesn’t matter to me. I appreciate every word written by Roz!!

      1. Reply

        Thanks so much Connie, I’m glad you enjoy the blog!

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