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A close up of my scribbling. The Sakura Pigma Professional Brush Pen I was using was getting deliciously dried out.

Bookbinding and Journaling, I Can Be Contrary In My Choices

I started the new year with one of the journals I bound in the fall of 2017. (I made 50 plus journals in a month while in a cast [foot and ankle] due to a fall down some stairs. Another contrary choice I see in hindsight—but the orthopedic surgeon had cleared me for activity.) It […]


Working with Analogous Colors

Late at night, relaxing and watching British comedy shows I simply have to sketch. This sketch from December 2019 is an analogous color sketch of Johnny Vegas when guesting on “QI.” Everyone needs to watch “QI.” It’s vastly fun, entertaining, and sometimes you even learn something. (Stephen Fry hosted for a number of seasons and […]

Working on a toned background.

Protected: In Context—Just Draw

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Detail on FA.

Same Pen—Different Papers

Throughout the spring this year I was testing watercolor papers. I made signatures of the watercolor papers I was testing and then used the same materials in each of the booklets. This is a quick and easy way to compare papers because you only have 16 pages until you can move on to the next […]


Journaling in the Cold


Left: Outdoor sketch at 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Carved lion head beneath a window sill, Pipestone, MN, 2004. (One of my prepainted background-watercolor paper cards I used on this trip.) Click on the image to enlarge.

It has definitely turned cold here in Minnesota. This morning (12.09.08 is when I’m actually writing this) there is a glorious blue sky but it’s only 16 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of a 14 mph wind the weather man is telling me it feels like 2. We’ve also had some snow so it is quite lovely outside.

Still it is interesting to note that it is warmer in Base Arturo Pratt (Antarctica) today than it is here: 37. Of course it’s the start of their summer. (Oh, and why do I know the temperature at Base Arturo Pratt? Well I keep it on my desk along with other places I have either visited and want to return to like Paris, or places I want to go, like BAP.)

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