In Context—Alison Steadman

February 11, 2022

Actor Alison Steadman. Journal spread from a hand-made journal: Old (discontinued and not the currently available) Gutenberg paper from Hahnemühle. Approx. 8 x 8 inches. Brush pen and Watercolor.

    • Paul
    • February 11, 2022

    Lovely portrait Roz, instantly recognizable!

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      Thanks so much Paul.

    • Kim
    • February 11, 2022

    How wonderful. I am an Alison Steadman fan too- one of our greatest living actresses. (I’ve been bingeing “Portrait Artist of the Year” and she was a model for the artists in Season 1 Episode 1. Have you seen that series?)

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      She is so great. I want her to be in almost everything.
      Yes, I know PAOTY! About 4 years ago I found some episodes on YouTube. I saw several years of the show but it was weird because they would disappear. Then I realized they must have been pirated so I stopped watching. But you can see in my journals from that time hundreds of sketches of various models, the artists, the crowd, it’s a great show for watching people paint, but also getting some of your sketching practice.

      In Dec. one of my friends alerted me to PAOTY being on Prime! Yay. I went right in and started rewatching. But I’m totally confused because they don’t have all the seasons!!! I hope they post more seasons.

      I was actually rewatching PAOTY when I did this sketch of Steadman. I’ve rewatched through to the final where the winner paints Alan Cumming. It’s a fantastic episode and I hope you’ve seen or are going to watch that one.

      I also love Colm Meaney and he is a model in one of the episodes. I sketched him 4 years ago or so and I just sketched him again the other day. Kind of fun to do that. I when I get my journals out of storage I can compare and see if I picked the same view!

      Anyway PAOTY is one of my favorite shows and I hope they will get the rest of the seasons and put them up. And I hope they can keep making them, though I think Covid has probably made that difficult.

      Where do you see episodes that you binge? and how many seasons do they have? I might need to sign up for another streaming service…keep me informed.

        • Kim
        • February 12, 2022

        I figured you were onto the series. After flying through the Prime offerings (including Landscape Artist of the Year), I found several more seasons on YouTube. There is also a Canadian version which I’ve not seen yet.

        British version


        Hope the links work. If not, the British is found on the “Wellbalanced” channel and the Canadian on “Mix”. Enjoy!

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