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Picking a Pen to Suit Your Paper

I write about picking your art tools and media to suit your paper (canvas, etc.) a lot on the blog.  Lately I’ve been working in one of the journals I bound in #2017BigBind that I made with the OLD Gutenberg paper. (This is the Gutenberg paper made before 2017, before the cancelation of the paper […]


What Happened to

Over the weekend I killed my Typepad account. In October 2008 I started my blog on Typepad. For 8 years it worked well as a platform to share my work with friends and students. But the design was static and the features offered on Typepad didn’t match the needs I had growing forward. I decided […]


Dark Skin Tones on the Old Gutenberg Paper

I love painting on the OLD Gutenberg paper. (See note at end of post if you don’t know why I’m calling it “old.”) Even the lightest weight Gutenberg came in would take watercolor beautifully; it just might buckle a little, but the heavier weights of the paper took water even better.  The yellow-cream of the […]


Revisiting a Journal Superstition: Working on One Page at a Time

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In the Not Too Distant Past: Thinking about Styles

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Let’s End the Week with a Dog…Meet Maxwell

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Looking at a Frenchie and Gutenberg Paper

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Another Look at the Texture on Gutenberg

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A Different Squash, but Still Gutenberg Paper

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More Squash and Gutenberg Paper

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