Hanging Out with Carl Too

August 25, 2017
Carl Too and I have been hanging out. Gert is a little fragile these days for modeling, and I needed a model I could rely on as “comfort level.” This is a 9 x 12 inch sheet of 140 lb. Hot Press Fluid 100 Watercolor paper. It’s got a 100 percent cotton fiber content and is lovely to paint on. But sketching on it is fun too. I used the Pentel Brush Pen with dye-based, water-soluble ink.

If the posts seem short this week it’s because it’s State Fair Prep all week for me in my spare time. I wanted to have posts queued up so that I could focus on the Fair and not think about the blog.

Enjoy the short posts while you can. I’ll be verbose after Labor Day I’m sure.

And remember, if you are in the Twin Cities area on the 26th or 28th of August come and join the Ninth Great Minnesota State Fair Sketch Together.

Here’s a detail image from today’s portrait of Carl Too:

Detail of today’s image shows see of the fun textures you can get with this water-soluble pen. Effects you can achieve will of course be highly influenced by the paper you use and how that paper is sized (internally and externally) and how absorbent it is.



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