Coincidence or not? Seeing Double…

March 10, 2020
Brush pen and watercolor on old Gutenberg paper in a handmade journal.

Lately I’ve found that because I always see double I have been spending a lot of time thinking about “the single line” and what is the minimal amount that you can do with line. Dogs are a useful subject to practice these theories on. 

Paper matters so much in this exploration.

In the second image today you can see the slight texture of the paper which lends a broken quality to lines, if you let it.

    • Michelle Himes
    • March 10, 2020

    I have prisms in my glasses because I see double. Before I was diagnosed, I had trouble seeing exactly where my lines were. The prisms raise my left line of sight, and lower the right one, so that my eyes focus together. Maybe it would help you.

      • Polly
      • March 12, 2020

      I just had the same problem and i was in a panic but now have discovered im not alone with this issue

  1. Reply

    Such economy in your line drawings! I create double and treble lines when pencil sketching, despite the fact that my eyes are not afflicted with Diplopia. Be careful about saying that you are “seeing double” – it has another meaning!

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