Dogs—Various Approaches

September 18, 2013

130803_CroppedDogFantasyLeft: Fantasy dog—I just started with the right eye (on the left) and went from there. Faber-Castell Pitt Artist's Calligraphy Pen on Fluid 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper, 6 x 12 inches.


My response to dogs it usually to sketch them. Sometimes if there aren't any dogs around I make them up (like the guy in today's post). Yeah, yeah, "Roz you should get another dog," everyone says that. I had two wonderful dogs. I know that having a dog is a full time job for me. It isn't right for me (or for Dick) right now. Besides, I have plenty of wonderful dog friends who love to pose.

But I love seeing how other artists respond to dogs and my friend Tom sent me a link to Portraits of Dogs with Human-Like Expressions, which showcases the work of photographer Ralph Hargarten. Go check it out. 

As I wrote to Tom, "I want to know each of those pups! And isn't that what portraits should do? Get you to want to know the personality depicted, or to have that immediate sense of attraction or repulsion?"

While I was reading that post I noticed some other dog-links and found my way to:

The Fine Art of Dogs (15 photos) and,

the Wonderfully Witty Dog Portraits by Ron Schmidt (I actually think his work is whimsical, but that's splitting dog hairs.) 

I think you'll find all these images of dogs beautiful. 

If you're fortunate enough to live with a dog right now, take him or her for a long, long walk; enjoy how your dog loves being in the present moment. Listen to your dog. Then sketch your dog, over and over again. You'll learn something every time, and not just something about your dog.

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    Love your imaginary pooch! I have four dogs and yes they keep me very busy. I try to draw them; sometimes they come out recognizable even. I enjoyed the links you shared.

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    Thank you Timaree. I’m glad your dogs are keeping you busy. I’m really glad to hear you are still drawing them!

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