A Lovely Long Drawing by Chrys Allen

September 19, 2013

See the post for details.

Above is a video of Chrys Allen's "Walk in Progress: Towpath." If the embedded video doesn't work, see it at the link.
Just before lunch I turned on Facebook and scrolled through the news. I found  Katherine Tyrrell who blogs at Making a Mark had put up a link to this video of a scroll drawing by Chrys Allen, winner of the first prize in the inaugural Derwent Art Prize 2013.
It's an incredible drawing and I thought I'd better blog about it so I could always find the link!
Landscape painters fascinate me, with their ability to see the depth in their surroundings. Allen's work, made while taking walks along a particular towpath, is incredible not only for its depth, but for the way in which she has joined and overlapped her experiences to create a scroll drawing that actually functions as a record of that walking.
The short video is about 7 minutes long. It's intriguing and inspiring, and lovely. And be sure to check Katherine's blog because she blogged about the award night private viewing. She has photos of many more stunning works there.
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    Here’s my link to my review of the exhibition. Lots to see for those who like pencil art

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    Katherine, thank you for sending this link. I’ve rewritten the end of the post to include the link to that actual post so people can go right there, if they don’t get to the comments and see it. Thanks for posting all this. It’s such wonderful work to see!

    • Patti
    • September 19, 2013

    Wow! that is so cool! I love the sound they added too, just perfect with the footsteps walking you through it.

    • Frank Bettendorf
    • September 20, 2013

    Wonderful and amazing at the same time. I love the texture and the different surfaces that take you into the drawing. Quite a talent! Thanks for posting.

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    I would love to see the exhibit of all the entries together, but her work is truly stunning!

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    Yes, Patti, I thought the sound track was cool! A very well-done video presentation. Maybe even better than if we’d been there!

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    Hi all, thank you for your comments. The artists and makers out there in ‘blog’ land will appreciate the many hours, days and years that go into developing ideas and artworks. Feedback is precious and opportunities rare. I was delighted to be selected for what turned out to be a very impressive Derwent Exhibition. The friendliness and mutual support which has followed has been great. It is encouraging that drawing is being recognised and valued both as a tradition AND as a contemporary practise.Thank you again, and thank you Derwent.

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    sorry , my reply seems to have posted several times

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    chrys, no worries, Typepad sometimes goes a little nuts and does that. I’ve deleted the duplicate responses. CONGRATULATIONS on your STUNNING piece of work. It is wonderful to see. The exhibition looks very impressive indeed (I’ve seen it only in Katherine Tyrell’s photos/post and wish I could have seen it in person). I too am glad that Derwent is recognizing drawing in this way. Again, congratulations on the creation of a beautiful piece of art and this wonderful honor.

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