Keep Working on the Not-So-Blank-Page Journal

September 17, 2013

BlankJournalTestLeft: test page from my Not-So-Blank-Journal, part of a collaborative project with artists in the MCBA Visual Journal Collective.

Today's post is a reminder and encouragement for folks involved in the Not-So-Blank-Page Journal we're working on in the MCBA Visual Journal Collective. You can read about this project at the link.

I just wanted to take a moment to share another page from my journal (which because of time limitations and schedules and maybe a bit of insomnia), I finished on June 16.

I wanted to remind people who are participating to keep working on their journal pages. We've got about 90 days until our December meeting when we will show all the journals together in our continuous, simultaneous viewing.

So if you are having any trouble with those pages remember to just jump in. If you're not sure a medium or technique will work on a page think about dedicating a page in the journal as a "test page."

That's what you see in today's post, my test page. I have items collaged all over the page, even collaged on top of other things. I have decorative paper, Canson Mi Tientes, a scrapbooking border, various types of tape, a spatter sketch which used a pen that was new to me at the time, smears of rubberstamp re-inker, and a variety of pens, from hot pink markers to puffy ink pens (around "Test"). If I wasn't sure about something I tried it out here. There is enough paper showing through from the original page that I could still run some more tests if I wanted to.

So keep going and have fun. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to.

    • Chris
    • September 17, 2013

    Roz….I would still love it if you would post some whole journals over on RozWorks.
    I loved being able to browse them all-of-a-piece. Especially the state fair journals.

  1. Reply

    Chris, you’re not alone. Several people ask this. I’m sorry but I don’t see this happening again. I don’t update my website much at all because I have repeat clients and no need, and updating on the website, especially the journal part, is a large hassle involving writing code, which I’d frankly rather not be doing.

    I post just as much stuff on the blog, the stuff I’m likely to share. Just as in the past, except now each is attached to a post that says something I want to say, which I can write without doing any code. (If you actually look closely at those sections posted on my website you’ll see that while some groupings are from one journal, most are from several journals over a quarter or so of the year. The paper changes etc.)

    You could always just run through the blog posts every month and look at the pictures only.

    Every now and then, for journals that seem important to me to show in their entirety I make a little video (I do this with my fake journals and some others). They get posted on the blog so you can see them there.

    It’s a case of what can I do the quickest so I can get back to what I really want to be doing—drawing.

    Sometime in the next few months I’ll make some sort of case for my 2013 State Fair Journal and then probably I’ll make a video of it. I would guess I’ll post it sometime in the new year as my fall is crammed with deadlines. So check back and maybe click on the video category every month or so to see what’s going on.

    I have a rule in record keeping—it has to be quick, and I have to keep going forward. The blog allows me to accomplish this better than the website did. I can do an entry every day if I want (though lately I haven’t had the time for daily posting) and never have to play catch up on the blog. A different experience than prepping website stuff.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Sandi T
    • September 17, 2013

    What kind of paper did you copy the backgrounds on for the journals? This is an interesting project- wish I could see them all.

  2. Reply

    Sandi, you will get to see them all. We are getting together in December and I’m going to make a video (which will probably need to be in several parts because it will be long!

    I have posted some of my other pages from this project and you can find them by looking in the search engine on this blog for Not-So-Blank-Page Journal.

    The person helping me get paper and I brought back several papers to the person in charge of the copying. It really matters what goes through the copier you’re using. And it was important that we used a TONER color copier so that we could then use wet media on the pages. Inkjet copiers would have run.

    After the copy tests were done the person in charge of copying did a media test on the sample copies and we ended up going with Cougar Digital.

    It’s bright white, and it was 80 lb. Cover.

    The paper is fine for working on, but when you put color toner on the paper (and some backgrounds are really heavily illustrated so there is a lot of toner) it makes it difficult for some media use.

    I found that I could use gouache, rubberstamp inks, acrylics, and a bunch of my favorite pens, so with that and collage I was happy as could be.

    Check back in January or February because I’ll have finished the video by then (Meeting in December, and since the Portrait Party is in January I doubt I’ll get to it before Feb.) We’ll be showing an unaltered one as well, so that you can see the before and afters.


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