The Glee Project: Season Two

July 11, 2012

120613GleeProjectLeft: Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and gouache sketch on a 9 x 12 inch page in a Fabriano Venezia journal. A young actor/singer on "The Glee Project."

Yes I love "Glee."

Look I dated a guy in high school who played the organ and composed music. I helped him make films. When we broke up I dated another young man who played the guitar. I play show tunes on the piano. I love Fred Astaire movies. I frequently burst into song and dance (albeit poorly) in my own life. (There is actually Super 8 footage of a teenage me "tap" dancing in the middle of the Australian desert—mom just had to point the camera at me.)

More important I believe that "Glee" dramatises important messages about life, diversity, and behavior that need to be seen on TV. And it does all this while being alternately hilarious and gut-wrenching, and sometimes both at the same time.

There is no alternate universe in which I don't love "Glee."

I have wondered if I'll stop watching it now, after its third season—now that some of my favorite characters are graduating. Then I remind myself that Jane Lynch will still be on the show. I think the woman is a national treasure so of course I'll have to watch.

But last year I found "The Glee Project" in the off season. Cast hopefuls come together in a reality competition show. Each week they have different singing and acting assignments, and each week someone goes home. The winner gets a contract on "Glee."

Last season 4 of the kids from the competition actually had roles of various duration on the show.

This year a new group of would-be cast members are at it again. Since the majority of the show is about performance and not about "drama" it's a show I can enjoy watching.

If you like "Glee" you might want to check out "The Glee Project," over on Oxygen.

    • Leslie Schramm
    • July 11, 2012

    With my finest pedants’ hat on , technically there’s one parallel universe where you don’t like Glee. But as there’s an infinite number of them so 1 divided by infinity is zero, so you’re essentially correct; that you like Glee in every Universe. My first record player ( Gee Great Uncle Leslie, what’s a record? ( Sound of small child getting a dirty look) ) was made from scrap by a radio engineer and a huge pile of show tune albums and light opera, gifted to be listened to. So I still love a good show tune, a loud musical, the strange and weird “The Rink” ” Metropolis” “Salad Days” All worth hearing. Mind you I’ll listen to anything, Music Concrete, a bloke who howled and banged “pretty” wood off the floor,all for the experience. Getting the second listen, there’s the winner.

    As for “Desert Dancing” there’s a documentary worth seeing.

  1. Reply

    Oh Leslie, sometimes I don’t understand half of what you say, but maybe it’s just because I’m coming out of a migraine right now. But it makes me smile because of course I know what records are.

    Anyway—I don’t care how pedantic you want to be but there is no Universe in which I don’t love Glee. If there is that one universe as you say, then I’m an evil witch queen in it and I say I hate Glee, but it’s really because I was brought up poorly and want desperately to not like it but find myself liking it against my will so I have to lash out at it.

    I hope at some point I can convince my mom to convert the home movies to digital, at which point I will just mine them for idiot moments, make lots of videos on youtube, and stop writing this increasingly annoying blog!

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