Make It Stop—More about Puppy Cams

July 10, 2012

See the post for details.

Moments ago I posted about the service puppy live cam.

I don't know what possessed me but I searched for more puppy cams and found this Shiba Inu puppy cam where they aren't napping at all but are playing, and wrestling, and one pup has discovered his tail.

I'm lost. I double dog dare you to click on that link.

Now I am walking away. 

This is why Roz spends almost no time on the internet! (Shiba Inu puppy cam has been around since 2008 with different litters and this is the first I've found it.)

p.s. If you want to read something about how puppy cam might be good for your fine motor skills, read this link. Need I point out that I work in Photoshop?

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    omg, you pusher 🙂 yes of course I had to watch them all. who would think I actually want to roll around a whelping box with puppies. Oy vay.Those Shibu Ina’s are adorable, I’m not familiar with that breed.

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    Mary Beth, I am sitting here in a shame cycle, mortified that I dragged anyone else down with me. Sigh. The Shiba Inu puppies are adorable. I actually looked into the breed before I got Malamutes. I’m a sucker for any breed with prick ears and a fox or wolf-like look. I also am a sucker for black and white fur so the Malamutes won out (there were other reasons too). But when I see this video it makes me think that maybe some day I maybe should get one of these!

    For now it’s fun watching them tussle.

    A thousand apologies.

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    Completely sucked into puppy cam land for the last 40 minutes. Too f-ing cute!

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    Suzanne, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I went back this afternoon for just a few minutes (HA) and got sucked in again. They were romping all over the place, it was a stitch. I’ve watched enough to be able to tell them apart!


    • christine
    • July 12, 2012

    saved by puppy naps

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    I’m afraid to look today Christine!

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