Oh No I’ve Been Sucked into the Service Puppy Live Cam

July 10, 2012

OK, this morning I posted about the puffin burrow live cam. And over the past few days I've checked in now and then, but it's usually pretty dark in there and the chick isn't that busy, unless he's trying to eat a fish that is almost as large as he is.

Then Barbara wrote in my comments section today about the puffin loafing ledge where there is another live cam and while Marsha had told me about it I had not yet checked. So off I went. But there was no activity at this time.

So I started poking around at the site and hit the "service puppy live cam." DON'T HIT THAT LINK. I know I put it there but I'm trying to protect you from yourself. If you go, well even if they are sleeping (which they are doing right now as I'm typing this) you will be stuck because there are 5 golden retriever pups and they are, well, so damn puppy-ish. They have a large carpeted pen and a big yellow stuffed duck.

Moments ago one was flattened like a frog on the carpet and then she dragged herself (himself?) to her brother and sisters. Another has just rolled over and is hiccuping.

I can't stand it. 

These pups are at Walter Reed helping to heal veterans with post traumatic stress syndrome. (Read details at the link, if you click on it that is.)

I'm glad these dogs are doing such great work. I have to click away now.

She's still hiccupping!

    • Molly A.
    • July 10, 2012

    Thanks Roz! This is officially Lucy’s new favorite website (Murphy’s too)!

  1. Reply

    Molly I’m glad that you are enjoying it. I just watched it again for several minutes myself. Those are cute puppies. The Shiba Inu puppy cam that I noted in my next post has been a lot of fun today as well as those pups are really active. Lucy might enjoy it. Murphy might want them all to calm down! See you on Monday! (I have a post going up on Thursday with images of Murphy! just in case I get called away from home and don’t get to send you a link.)

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