Sketching Animals with Life Model Murphy and Artist Julie Fakler: Monday, July 16, 2012 at the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

July 12, 2012

See the full post for details (including a way for non-Twin Cities residents to participate in Monday’s meeting).

Above: Murphy and a journal page he helped out with.

Monday July 16, from 7 to 9 p.m. the MCBA Visual Journal Collective will have a double treat: a visit from a life model—Murphy (pictured above), and a short presentation on drawing live animals with artist Julie Fakler (who will also have some of her sketchbooks and recent work on hand for inspiration). For directions to MCBA click here. Parking is limited so allow extra time to find a parking spot.

StellaJulieFaklerLeft: Stella, 16 x 20 inches, acrylic on canvas, ©Julie Fakler, used with permission.

That's right, Monday is your opportunity to meet a talented dog portrait artist and a very sweet, and draw-able dog model.

Murphy is part of the growing Anthony pack and will come along with long-time Collective member Molly Anthony

It is also Murphy's birthday! Don't bring gifts, but do bring your desire to sketch (as well as your journal and favorite sketching medium). 

As usual there will be an opportunity to share some of your recent work journal work at the end of the meeting.

Now, I realize some of you are reading this saying, "Why don't I live in the Twin Cities so that I can attend these fun meetings?" (Yes, why don't you?)

While it's not always possible to include you from a distance, this month, because Molly provided me with additional photos from the life model's portfolio, I thought I would post those photos of Murphy and encourage you to sketch Murphy with us—a virtual sketch night. 

Murphy4thJuly8259Left: A second image of Murphy, the wonderful life model. You can use this image as a reference to sketch with us long-distance. Read the rest of the post for details.

I urge you to join us vicarously on Monday night.

Wherever you are, sit down and sketch from one of the three photos of Murphy in this post (not from Julie's painting of another dog) and put a sketch on a birthday card for Murphy.

You can send the birthday card to Murphy care of Roz Stendahl, P.O. Box 141434, Minneapolis, MN 55414. I'll make sure that he gets them. I know that Molly would be excited to see how you capture his likeness on this special day.

But if you're local, come and sketch Murphy in person and take this opportunity to meet Julie Fakler and be inspired by her art and ideas. And of course get in some sketching practice.

You know it isn't that long until the 2012 Minnesota State Fair! This is just the type of practice you need.

Below: one more photo of Murphy that you can use for your virtual sketch night with the Collective. Click on the image to view an enlargment.


  1. Reply

    Is it a Painting of Dogs or Photographs? I don’t Understand But Murphy dog is looking Innocent 🙂

  2. Reply

    James, I’m sorry I don’t understand your question.

    On Monday at the group we will be painting Murphy (a Golden Retriever) from LIFE. He’ll be there with us. The meeting is about painting animals from life.

    For people not in the area and unable to attend the meeting I’ve included photos of Murphy so that they can sketch at home from those photos. (It’s not ideal, but “virtual” is the only way I can include them.) I’ve suggested that they send a birthday card to Murphy (either the original painting or a print).

    Hope that clarifies things for you.

    • July 12, 2012

    What a looker! Beautiful dog and art!

    • linda
    • July 14, 2012

    Roz,waking up to Murphy, on a Saturday morning is great what handsome boy and full of himself it looks:-) Have not been here been with out a computer wow never thought that not having one would effect my life so but wow was it a journey in itself not being able to be on line.Just a tablet but this is all money could alot me now but blessed to have it but really hard to use with a shoulder or lack of like mine,hope your having a great day,

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