Spine Man

April 24, 2012

See the post for complete details.


Above: Another fantasy person, 2B pencil and gouache on Nideggen paper.

I was playing around some more on this paper drawing a male figure from memory (I don't like to draw from memory and as you can see I forget what hands look like!). I was trying to do something with his red hair and well, you never know where the pencil is going to go—a spine grew out of this man's back. 

You can read what was happening on that day (all unrelated to the drawing) and learn all about my wonderful friend Karen in Atlanta who sent me some Cadbury mini eggs when she learned I'd missed them in the stores. Any day you get to play with gouache and eat Cadbury mini eggs is a great day!

    • edie
    • May 11, 2012

    And spine man has a marvelous victorian gentleman’s face on his spine! I *love* it! Gives him a whole new story!


  1. Reply

    edie, I just see it now that you point it out. I love it. It almost looks like Darwin doesn’t it. Thank you for seeing this! That’t the best part.

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