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April 23, 2012

120410ScottLeft: Sketch made watching Scott Caan on "Hawaii Five-0." Pencil and gouache on Nideggen.

I don't expect you to recognize the actor from my sketch. Both his nose and neck are too long in the sketch. (In fact several people have pointed out to me that Caan is sort of noted for not having a neck—but it's all those elongated fantasy people I've been sketching.)

I wanted to show the image to you today because it's more playing with paint just like what I've been doing with the fantasy people I've posted over the past couple of weeks or so.

Method: 2B pencil sketch, apply layers of gouache and swipe them off with a paper towel, or blot them. Apply more paint, take it off, and so on. Spatter paint everywhere and finish.


120410ScottDetailLeft: Here is a detail section showing the layers of colors that are going down. I'm using my Schmincke gouache in pretty liquid concentration, wanting the pencil lines to still show through in places. Then towards the end I use it in slightly thicker applications (about heavy cream thickness, which is more traditional) for some highlights and for use of spot colors like the red and the blue in this image. Isn't the paper texture lovely! I love Nideggen paper's wavy laid texture.

I wanted you to see this one because I love the color I put in his hair. (I went that way because I'd used Indian yellow and knew I'd use the purple for a complementary color, but wanted to add the light blue first.)

I was having so much fun I "forgot" to go to bed. (And no, I do not feel guilty at all about watching 5-0!)

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    I recognized him right off Roz, I love that show.

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    Thanks Donna. I think the show is good fun. I esp. liked it when Ed Asner guest-starred. Well of course when James Caan was on too.

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    I recognized him! Before I even read your post, I saw the photo and thought “hey is it that guy from Hawaii Five-0?” and it was!!! 🙂

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    My celebrity portraits don’t always look like the intended subject. But I think this time, even though I was exaggerating characteristics it ended up recognizable!

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