Dog Days—Part I

July 15, 2011

110708ADog Left: Dog practice sketch using Faber-Castell Pitt Artist's Calligraphy Pen and gouache on a 9 x 12 inch page in a Fabriano Venezia journal. (Edges cropped a bit because the page is larger than my scanner top.)

Today is the first in an on-going series that will run probably through the Minnesota State Fair (i.e. until September). I'm madly sketching dogs during my daily free time. I'm getting ready for "Paws on Grand" on August 7 (stop by Wet Paint between noon and 3 p.m. and one of the artists on hand, perhaps me, will sketch your pet for free).

So whether the dog is live (neighborhood dogs are already leary of my approaching silhouette in the distance), on TV, or in photos from my trips to the dog park (which I can throw up on the computer screen) I'm sketching away. I'm trying to find a groove between fast and recognizable. And of course decide what media I want to use.

Also any animal practice is always good for the year's main event: the Minnesota State Fair.

So I hope you'll check back frequently to see where the dogs are taking me. The posts will tend to be shorter. It's summer. It's hot. And frankly, I need to be sketching; and so do you!


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    Roz, your enthusiasm for the Minnesota State Fair is so infectious that it seems sort of tragic to be living in Ohio in summer. Can’t wait to see highlights from that book!

    • Miss T
    • July 15, 2011

    Go, Roz, go! Beautiful sketch.

    • Linda
    • July 15, 2011

    Roz, I’ll be back for sure for this one. Love dogs and trying to practice myself want to do a dog drawing of my boy:) Looks like your tv, walks paractice looks fine to me and going well.
    Keep up the good work,

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    Karen, Doesn’t Ohio have a state fair? That’s too bad? Well, though there won’t be any fair food maybe you could get to a farm??? I’m glad you’re enjoying the fair talk vicariously. I’ll try to give lots of details in August.

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    Miss T. I took a break this morning and sketched from a Timothy Hutton movie of all things. (I just didn’t want to go downtown for my allergy shot!) Got to get back to the dogs this afternoon, but it’s too rainy to stalk neighbor dogs. I did ride by a Boston Terrier the other day on my bike ride, but I didn’t have any business cards with me and would have seemed a complete nut. Now I’m carrying cards even on my rides!

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    Linda enjoy drawing your dog. Nothing beats having a live-in life model. I got very wistful for mine yesterday, but there are no live in dogs in the immediate future for me.

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    Roz: Actually, Ohio DOES have a state fair. Happens in Columbus in August. I’ve never been, because that’s about two and a half hours away, but perhaps an excursion is in order. (Or I can live vicariously through yours.)

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    Karen, I think you need to do a road trip. If possible go with a friend who is not going to draw (maybe he/she will take photos) and he/she can drive! Go to bed EARLY the night before, get up early on the day, have your friend drive you, and then spend the day sketching first for several hours before eating any fair food (I’ve posted about this) and then sketch some more and drive home.

    You can of course drive yourself and sketch, it’s just that I find driving that long to be tiring so it would be more difficult to draw when I arrived. (But it can be done because I do it when I take road trips by myself—I’m just trying to suggest what might be the most productive approach for your sketching.)

    You could also go the day before and simply get up in the a.m. and go to the fair, but I’m thinking that there will be difficulty getting a room at this late point.

    So go, go, go, and report back!!!!

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