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Detail of today's watercolor sketch.

Studying Other Artists, Or Dealing with a Plateau in Artistic Development

Recently one of my Drawing Practice students mentioned that she’d been discouraged to see the “before” and “after” artwork someone had posted on Facebook. Some of the artists included showed art from childhood and adulthood. Others posted work that was only a couple of years apart, yet showed great development of representational facility. All were […]


Practice: Thinking about Ricky Jay

  Writer, historian, magician, performer, actor, Ricky Jay died on Saturday, November 24,  at the age of 72. While a man who knew how to run all the classic short and long cons might not seem the ideal role model you need to take a closer look. Here is someone who spent his life observing […]

Direct brush watercolor sketch on a 4 x 6 inch scrap of book board that was gessoed before sketching.

Five Things To Do When You’ve Got Paper That’s Just Too Bad To Work With

My recent series on Zeta paper in the Stillman & Birn sketchbooks generated a lot of mail about paper. I know a lot of people get part way into a journal, find they aren’t enjoying the paper and feel constrained about wasting the paper by simply jumping to a new journal. I think to stay […]


2014 Hiatus Post: Looking at Practice and Adaptation

See the full post for details.


Project Friday: I Love Phil Davis’ Face

See the full post for details.


Project Friday: Contours on a Face

See the full post for details.

Project Friday: Revisiting and Looking Deeper

See the full post for details.


Practice, Adaptation, and Internal Dialogues

See the full post for detail.


Sketching when You Don’t Feel Well: Another Gouache Experiment

See the full post for details.


Dog Days—X: Reminder for “Paws on Grand” and Another Look at Painting on Stonehenge

See the post for full details.

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