Excitement over Lard

May 3, 2023

You’d think it was a slow day from my excited comment about lard on this journal page. It’s wistfulness. I bought two types of lard from “Fat City.” They reached expiration date (even stored in the freezer!) because I didn’t have the kitchen space to set up to make some savory pies, during this downsizing chaos. 

(I’m actually cooking on a card table for a counter top right now! And believe me I’m glad to have that, though it does mean leaning over a bit too much when making bread and rolls.)

The Great British Baking Show helped me get through the winter when I wanted to expand my baking but couldn’t. Looking for an alternative to what I saw on the show I found a simple potato roll recipe—boy am I glad I did. 

Keep looking for ways to push your creativity even if there seem to be impediments!

(Note: I’m not connected to Fat City in any way, but if you are looking for some goose fat, and pretty much fats of any type, check them out. I’ve been very happy with everything I have been able to try from them. I’m hoping to have counters by next winter and I’ll try the savory pie thing then.)

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