Leftover Paint

May 5, 2023

Sometimes I’m just in a mood. I might have a lot of paint leftover on the palette, I might start drawing with a tool I don’t usually draw with and want to cover it up; I might…

On this day it was a little bit of all of that—just exploring and experimenting.

When the red watercolor brush pen (no longer made) got too much for my eye I started using the watercolor opaquely (with less water). And I even got some tubes of gouache out.

The fun factor was high.

I can’t recommend a better way to spend an hour exploring what happens, if this, then that.

Make some time to do that today. Don’t wait until the weekend. Yes, the weekend is only hours away, but if you sketch and paint now, you’ll be able to do more of it on the weekend. Makes sense to me.

(If you want to see me working through this session, it’s just one of over 40 demonstrations you’ll find on my Patreon blog. You can subscribe here.)

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