OK, I Guess Sometimes I Do Doodle…

November 17, 2021
Page spread from a book I bound using Nideggen toned paper. Verso page, using a very dry brush pen, recto page, switching to an inky new one.

A couple months ago I seemed to be living through my own Brendan Gleeson film festival. On this day I was sketching without glasses (if everything is double vision isn’t blurred vision an evening out or smoothing out of the lines?) without stopping the movie.

That meant I had to hold things in my mind, which, the coughing from bronchitis made challenging.

I took a break from trying to remember Gleeson and did quick memory sketches of the scenery, then had the smart idea to try to draw from my original memory sketch. Haha. I don’t thing Gleeson looks that much like Nick Nolte!

And then I started simply doodling! 

I can’t believe it. Caught unawares, but captured on the page, some doodled birds and two odd men. It was fun. I guess I do doodle after all…

It’s a healthy thing to push yourself and strip away some of the “crutches” you rely upon. I think I need to push past observations through to doodling, and the type of memory pull it calls up more often, I’m really enjoying those two characters at the bottom of the recto page.

Draw from observations, something moving quickly, or from a glimpse, then refine in another drawing, and then see where doodling takes you! It’s a different type of conversation, and it might just be time to have it.

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