In Context: A Little Doodling

February 26, 2024

You’ll remember that in December I was trying to finish a couple journals so I could count the pages in my yearly total. By the start of December I knew that unless something drastic happened I would have no problems meeting that goal. Everything was progressing at a rational (i.e., no long sessions of drawing, which I wasn’t able to do anyway) pace.

You’ll also know from reading my blog that I’m not about perfection in my journal. I like to test materials and media, I like to practice drawing approaches, and sometimes I even doodle.

I have to say it’s rare I doodle, but since being in the hospital in September I find that I doodle more. I think the reason is I’m too tired sometimes to go and find a model or subject in the house. So I sit and doodle.

On this day I doodled on the left page 1 through 9, and then went and got some Earth’s World fair goer photos to actually sketch from on the right page 1 through 4. Then I went back to doodling and did 10 on the left page (far left).

What I love is that I went back to the left page and drew over doodle 1 with doodle 10, returning to doodling. I just love the crazy, suspicious attitude this guy is casting over the rest of the page spread’s occupants.

I think it’s important to keep your pen moving. I was using a Sakura Professional Brush Pen FB, and yes, it was a good way toward being dried out. But I also think you can see from looking at this page why I go through so many pens!

Have fun sketching this week.


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