Just Doodling Around

June 13, 2022


Just me doodling around on that unknown smooth but fiber-flecked paper I found in a Japanese stab binding that I pulled apart. (A teaching sample I no longer needed.)

I really wish I could find a note on what type of paper it was. I know it was commercial printing paper so I’ll just have to save a piece and take it over to Anchor Paper Express and see if they can identify it. (It’s hard to Google something if your only keywords are “Mystery Paper.”)

It’s probably discontinued. (That’s just the way things are going.)

What’s up with Bunny Pucker—Thesbian [sic] of Renown? Well for one thing he’s a “thespian” who was sketched by an artist who was up too late playing with her plosives and too tired to catch spelling errors!

I’m rather fond of Bunny. He is a good sort. He’s tried hard to learn his craft and gives 110 percent in any production he’s in. Maybe if I keep staying up late he’ll get around to some adventures.

Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy the smooth surface of this paper for other sketches and doodles.

Hope you have found a favorite paper to doodle upon. 

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