Fun Sketching Hair Part 3

September 24, 2021

Update October 19, 2021: I just posted the sketching session video which includes this sketch. Check out this post for this and another warm up sketch, followed by a watercolor sketch portrait.

Of course it was the hair and beard that made me want to sketch this portrait!

But starting with the small rectangle of paper, you can see stuck down with the washi tape, I soon ran out of space. (It was a fast warm up sketch and I didn’t start with the right scale for the sheet.)

No worries, I do a lot of “piecemeal” portraits, check out the category on my blog for more information.

Here I was using the Pentel brush pen and ink wash. The sheet was a watercolor paper but I don’t know which one as the piece is in storage and I can’t look at the notes on the back. The back sheet is a large 9 x 12 piece of mixed media paper from Fabriano that I have pads of.

Again here I was looking at the bold darks in the beard and hair, trying to establish volume by showing some of the lighter curls coming out to the light.

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