I Forgot to Tell You About September on Patreon

September 26, 2021
A page spread I texturize and then work on with two dip-pen portraits in my September 2021 demo (one of 8 in this special month). 

I just realized, in putting up the new blog side bar image for OCTOBER that I forgot to put up the one for September.

I’m sorry because it was a great month—8 videos (the last one goes up on Monday). I focused on preparing for a project and working in ink (dip pen, brush pen, and ink wash). I thought it would be useful for people trying to get ready for InkTober, or for any project—which is why I also did a video on project preparation.


But if this interests you, don’t worry, you can still subscribe at Patreon and all the past videos at your subscription level immediately open to you. And are open as long as your subscription goes. (Subscriptions are month to month so you can stop or change your subscription level at any time.)

And before anyone asks, the 30 percent sign on the righthand portrait is not sale price for Patreon. The subscriptions are at the normal rate and you can see them here.

In October, things go back to “normal” a little on my Patreon blog. Besides the real-time demo and the speed version of that demo I’ve got a couple other videos that I thought people interested in working with ink would like to see. I’ll be posting those instead of written posts because I will still be out of the office sick (I have bronchitis) in October. (Though if you’re a subscriber and you ask me a question I’ll still get back to you quickly.)

Now before I forget I need to put up the announcement for the October demo!

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