In Context: Downsizing My Book Collection

May 3, 2020

If you click on today’s image you’ll be able to read the text, but depending on your screen size it may be difficult so I’ve transcribed it here, a little “in context leisure reading” for today. (Brush pen warm ups in a Hahnemühle Travel Journal.)

My musing ended as you see it, with no conclusions. I think I have found homes for my tracking and dog training books; maybe even some of the books on the science of decomposition. Downsizing brings up a lot of memories…

Downsizing My Book Collection:

Once I knew everything about poison. And I thought I saw neatly that [niggling] sense of corruption which would grow into violence. I wore that blithe hubris the young often don[,] a sign of my belief I would write murder mysteries…

But I was always falling in love with my victims, finding them too interesting to kill, letting them live longer and longer in the story, until it was their story and that story spanned a trilogy and I was constantly [apologizing] to Dick for saying something snappy, dark, and funny (in a gruesome way) because that was my favorite character oozing out.

I got a dog and started tracking, finding it a natural transitional use for all that knowledge of “bug culture” on the dead.

Looking for Fun Reading in the Current Pandemic?

If, like me, you find mysteries create puzzles which take your mind off of other things, such as downsizing your book collection, or Covid-19, I encourage you to check out the wonderful series of Flavia de Luce Mysteries by Alan Brady.

At the beginning of the first book in the series Flavia is I believe 12 years old, with a strong interest in chemistry and poisons. She also has a special knack of finding herself involved in dicey situations. I’ll let you have the joy of discovering everything else on your own. 



    • Jeanne
    • May 3, 2020

    OK, you got me. I ordered the 1st of the series of the Flavia de Luce stories. Thanks!

    1. Reply

      You’ll enjoy it!

    • Christine
    • May 12, 2020

    Loved Alan Bradley’s Flavia series – I’ve read them all! I can’t think of another author who has come up with such fascinating book titles.

    1. Reply

      They are very fun titles. Though it makes it difficult for me to remember which ones I’ve read so I’ve had to resort to lists and signing up for new titles as soon as available (well that’s the excuse I gave myself!). His and Louise Penny’s books are the only ones I do that for. Have you tried Louise Penny’s Three Pines and the Armand Gamache books???? If not I envy you the great reading you have ahead of you.

        • Christine
        • May 14, 2020

        Too late for me! I’ve read them all – I even order them in advance as soon as they are announced. She’s Canadian so I’ve heard her interviewed several times on CBC’s The Next Chapter. I can just picture that little village in Three Pines and I have Armand Gamache’s voice in my head. I don’t know if you’re into podcasts but I think you would really enjoy the interviews done by Eleanor Wachtel on Writers & Company. She interviews writers from outside Canada and is an extremely intelligent woman on all things literary.

        1. Reply

          Christine I will check out interviews of Louise Penny! Thanks for the heads up.

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