Portrait Practice: Going from the General to the Specific

May 5, 2020

Just a practice spread from April 2019. I was almost 2 months out from my second cataract surgery, but still working with uncorrected eyes. It was as if I needed a recalibration every time I sat down to sketch.

But it was also about remembering to breathe and to not focus on the realities of the side effects from surgery.

It was important to me, after I warmed up with a Sakura Brush pen that I then had a go with the Pentel Sepia Brush pen.

I was working in a Hahnemühle Travel book. I enjoy the drag the paper puts on pens.

What I enjoy about this spread is the warm up sketch allowed me to get the generic flushed out of my system. When I picked up the Pentel Sepia Brush Pen I was already connecting my angles and the relationship of the features as well as the specifics. Remember something as seemingly simple as the curve of the lip can make all the difference.

Push past the first sketch. We learn something about looking every time we sketch. 

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