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In Context: Downsizing My Book Collection

If you click on today’s image you’ll be able to read the text, but depending on your screen size it may be difficult so I’ve transcribed it here, a little “in context leisure reading” for today. (Brush pen warm ups in a Hahnemühle Travel Journal.) My musing ended as you see it, with no conclusions. […]


Protected: Roz and Her Library of Books

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Summer Reading Suggestions from the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

See the full post for details and links to the 2-part video presentation.

Reading List: Alphonse Mucha

See the full details in the complete post.

Reading List: Nicolai Fechin

See the post for complete details.

An Interview with Roz Stendahl on “Create Mixed Media”

See the full post for details.


A New Batch of Books, Part 3: The Final Four

See the post for complete details.

Two More Books With Inspiring Art (and Information)

See the full post for details.

Blogging Has Changed My Life: Or How It Has Made Me an Even More Obnoxious Correspondent

Every so often I have dinner with 4 other women, ostensibly to have dinner and a chat and catch up. (I like to think of these meetings as opportunities to have dog time because there are dogs involved.) Originally we set out to have a book club—something I loathe, but one of the women makes great lasagna so I'm powerless to resist.

Perhaps I hate book groups because it brings to mind the parts of graduate school I didn't like, reports and pontification, instead of helpful information on how to assimilate "Jude the Obscure" into you thought process so you can continue on your happy trail!


Notan—What It Is and Why You Need to Know about It


Left: Spotting Notan, a diagram from Arthur Wesley Dow's book Composition: Understanding Line, Notan and Color, ©2007 Dover Publications. Click on the image to see an enlargement.

We learn and then forget things all our lives. Sometimes we learn things and they fall from the top ten useful things we think about everyday, but somehow they still impact us. Notan is one of those things for me. I grew up in a home where a mother with an artistic bent would bring in little bits of beauty (knick knacks, paintings, ceramics) and combine them with other objects to create tableaux of beauty. Because of proximity and travel many of the items that drew my mother’s attention were Japanese. My childhood immersion has created a life-long interest in line and compositional cropping which people might dismiss as, “well that’s just Roz, she designs books after all,” (images are always being cropped for cover design effect or to make interesting chapter opening pages in textbooks). It runs deeper than that. It has to do with notan.

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