A Different Angle on Myself

March 21, 2016


Today a selfie of a different sort. I was putting my shoes on and waiting for Dick to drive me to my massage therapy appointment and I was sitting on a “kids’ stool” left from Dick’s grandma, that sits in the kitchen. I thought it would be fun to sketch my feet. (In the 1990s I did a whole series of portraits just of people’s feet and every now and then I feel the urge to revisit. It seemed the natural way to do a selfie.)

I’m wearing my baggy Gramicci pants that are actually a faded brown, but they do have SPLATS of paint and ink on them like that. I used a Sakura Pigma Sensei Liner with Montana Acrylic Marker in the background. The “paint” on the pants was my finger dabbed into a watercolor pan.

I was working in a Flexbook Sketchbook and I really just need some free time from computer issues, eldercare, and work to get up the review, so it will be coming soon. This is a smaller pocket size that is about 6 x 8 inches and pretty much the perfect size for carrying around. I turned it on the fore edge because the other half of the spread has a stamping ink test (also coming up soon) and I couldn't get the width on a single page.

I was struck by the negative spaces. We have large tiles covering the kitchen floor and I omitted that detail.

    • Kathy D.
    • July 12, 2016

    Hi Roz,

    I really love the composition of this piece, and I’m curious: did you plan on having your form run off the page? Or did that happen naturally based on where you started the drawing?

    I ask because I’m trying to break my unhelpful beginner habit of relentlessly centering my subjects. At the moment, I’m specifically trying to let some portion of the figure run off the page, and it’s embarrassing how often I fail to accomplish this (!!).

    By the way: love the pink Montana marker background — it strikes just the right “attitude” with the paint-spattered pants and slouchy posture.

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