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March 23, 2016


I'm working in that 6 x 8 inch or so (I'll measure it and let you know in the review) Flexbook Sketchbook. I was waiting for Dick to pick me up at Open Book (I say MCBA in my note, but for the record the building is "Open Book"). My line is a bit more shaky than normal as I've just had a rather intense massage to work on my shoulder issues.

I was struck by the mouse trap in the corner and the stacks of promotional materials. As usual you can click on the image and it will enlarge. (Sakura Pigma Sensei and Schmincke pan watercolors.)

    • Julia Blackbourn
    • March 23, 2016

    Dear Roz, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your posts. Aside from the art information, I appreciate having your personality and story in my mail many mornings a week. Thank you for all the. Effort you expend to inform others so unselfishly!
    Julia B

    • Miss T
    • March 23, 2016

    Love this sketch, Roz.

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    Hi Roz,

    Your work is super. Makes me grin and want to work in my sketchbook too! Thanks for the smiles and for your kind sharing.

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    Thank you Julia, I’m glad that you enjoy the blog and the sketches.I appreciate you stopping by!

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    I wish they could put away that snow shovel, leaning ominously there against the wall!

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    Thank you so much Elle, I’m glad that you enjoy it and that my work makes you smile. This is very good to hear and I appreciate you writing in to say so. I hope you get out and sketch today.

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