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Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities Sketch Out for April

Above: One of the sketches I did at the March Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities Sketch Out at the Union Depot in St. Paul. It's ink and watercolor in a Pratt FlexBook Sketchbook (the 6 x 8 inch or so). I warmed up with a couple pages of pencil sketches but I really wanted to go right […]


Using a Small FlexBook Sketchbook On Errands

Above: See the text on the lower left page, this is the printed information on the first left page of all the FlexBook Journals. I find it very annoying. In my other post this was covered, but here you can see it. And at the bottom right of the LEFTHAND page you can also see […]


The Flexbook SKETCHBOOK by Prat: A Review

Above: Flyleaf page (black) and title page of a Flexbook Sketchbook. There is type set on this page where the eye of the finch is located. (Typically I paint over these annoyances.) There is also a place to write your name and return information at the bottom center of the page. Click on the image […]


Getting Caught Sketching

Above: A quick (less than 5 minute) sketch using a .04 Sakura Sensei Pigment Liner with Daniel Smith Watercolors on Flexbook Sketchbook paper. (The couple left before the paper dried enough for me to put the shadows in, and this paper needs to be totally dry or it bleeds through. If it doesn’t get done […]


A Different Angle on Myself

Today a selfie of a different sort. I was putting my shoes on and waiting for Dick to drive me to my massage therapy appointment and I was sitting on a “kids’ stool” left from Dick’s grandma, that sits in the kitchen. I thought it would be fun to sketch my feet. (In the 1990s […]


Sometimes Roz Stays Up TOO Late

Above: Sketch of Christopher Eccleston in "Fortitude." Pentel pigment brush pen and watercolor washes in a Flex Book Sketchbook (8.5 x 12.5 inches) Shhhhh!!! Don't tell Dick, but sometimes when he goes to bed before I do I stay up and watch new shows I know he would have no interest in. That's all fine, except […]

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