I Get A Bright Idea (It Happens Sometimes)

August 6, 2014


Left: The second sketch of actor Peter Davison that I made in my lined Japanese Journal. Pilot Lettering pen 10 and sepia Pentel ColorBrush (fugitive, but all so fun to play with).

Back in May I was still housebound and I was working in my Japanese Lined Notebook as a visual journal. I had just finished a month of drawing 22 x 30 inch "journal" pages for my 2014 Fake Journal. That link will take you to a post with some explanatory text and links to the Gigapan photographs that captured the "fake" show for the fake journal.) I was thinking ahead to some quick sketching events I had to attend in the future and I picked up a recently arrived Pilot Letter Pen and drew the sketch of actor Peter Davison you can see at this link


Left: A detail from today's image in which you can see how the paper takes the washes in a rather fun way.

Then I wondered what would happen if I mess around with the sepia brush pen on this paper, and soon I was in a tumble to fill as many pages of this type of book as possible.

I've promised to do a video flip through, but the past few days have been too hot to turn off the a.c. so that I can video tape. (The noise would drown me out.)

I have plans to work on that flip through this week but in the meantime I wanted to show you some stills from the book so you could begin to see how I came back to thin nibbed pens and then later went away from them again.

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