The Sixth Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out—August 23 and 26, 2014

August 4, 2014

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Above: the meeting location for the 6th Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out. If you aren't familiar with the Fairgrounds stop at an information booth, pick up a map and look up U26/27 on the official Fair map. Copy this image to your computer and print it out so you can take it with you as a reminder, or call it up on your smart phone if you're all digital now.

It's all set. We've got the buttons in hand; we've got the people to lead the meetings; we've got the meeting times and places set. Bookmark this post.

Join intrepid sketchers as we spread across the Fairgrounds sketching everything that takes our interest. The Sketch Out is free (you have to pay your own Fair admission). All skill levels are welcome. (I recommend if you're bringing a child along to participate that you forego sketching and watch the child.)

Each year we have people from the MCBA Visual Journal Collective, Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities, and MetroSketchers as well as random sketchers who just can't help but join in. 

This year we have two sketch out days:

Saturday, August 23 AND Tuesday, August 26

Convene each day at 4:30 p.m.,  at site B shown in the above map. 

We'll meet rain or shine so if it's raining at meeting time go into the Ag Hort Building shown on the map and walk to the radial center where we'll find each other.

We'll share stories, show what we've captured in our sketches and just generally have a great time.

We'll take a group photo, and people who sketch will be given a free commemorative button (while supplies last).

Then if you're not technically comfortable, someone will photograph your favorite sketch and those sketches will be put up on UrbanSketchers—Twin Cities.

And off you go in search of more sketch subjects, a corndog, a fried Twinkie, whatever. It's an exciting fun-filled time to experience the Fair in an extraordinary way—by pausing in the crowds and chaos to take time to really observe closely.

If you have never sketched at the Fair before, or are new to public sketching I encourage you to come along to the MCBA Visual Journal Collective's Monday, August 18, 7-9 p.m. meeting in Gold Medal Park (in Downtown Minneapolis, near the new Guthrie). (Rain site is Open Book room 203.) It will be great practice for you and you may find a sketch buddy or hear tips on what to expect from "old timers."

If you are wondering what there is to sketch at the Fair or are unsure how to prepare and what to bring I suggest you go right now to my Minnesota State Fair Round Up.

On that blog page you will find all sorts of posts on how to sketch in public, sketch at the Fair, what to sketch, how to prepare for the event, how to dress, and how to pace yourself on treat consumption. You'll even find posts about whether or not you should bring a folding chair and suggestions for chairs should you decide to bring one. Other supplies and tools are also suggested. I want you to have the most fun at the Fair as possible—and I want you to get some sketching done.

NOTE: This year I also encourage you to bring a couple loose sheets of watercolor paper or other paper that you like to sketch on and do a couple out-of-journal sketches. Ken Avidor has been organizing an Urban Sketchers show that will happen later in the fall. The pieces need to be framed (there won't be a way to display journals and sketchbooks at the St. Paul show site). Ken wanted me to be sure to encourage you to all create a Minnesota State Fair sketch on loose paper so that you have the option of joining the show. Because the show will be an Urban Sketchers event the USks rules apply—done on site, from life, and not altered afterwards. Ken would also like you to take your photo near the site of your sketch with your subject (obviously with a moving crowd that's not going to be exact) so that the photos can be displayed with the sketches, reinforcing for the folks coming to the show just what "sketching out" is all about!

Look, I can't make you have fun, but every year I try to provide you with at least one really great opportunity to do exactly that, and to produce what might end up being your finest work! So come and join us. You'll end up with some great stories and fun sketches.

If you can't join with us on either of the sketch out days or you're unable to stay until the meeting drop me an email with a jpg of one of your 2014 Fair sketches attached. I'll see that it gets on the UrbanSketchers—Twin Cities blog. (We can work out submitting art for the show at a later date.) If you do send me a jpg be sure to write your full name in the email and give a date and time when you were sketching if that isn't on your page. (It's fun to tie the images to the events.) I'll save a button for you if there are any left after the meeting on Tuesday (There usually are.) You can arrange to pick it up some time when I'm over at MCBA.

See you at the FAIR!

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