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Protected: Focusing on Doing and Not on Naming

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Phyllis at the beginning of 2018. Days away from being 97.

Reflections on a Big-Hearted and Generous Life

My mother-in-law Phyllis Stone, passed away on January 16, 2018. She had just celebrated her 97th birthday on January 5. On January 10 she caught the flu. She was hospitalized a couple days later with flu, pneumonia, and additional issues. She died peacefully on January 16 with Dick and me holding her hands.  She was […]


A Tip and Two (or Three Depending on How You Count) Conversations

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Roz Cycles through 2012, Finding Her Way Back to Balance

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Letting Go of Perfect

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Creativity Coach Kim Hines at the June 18, 2012 Meeting of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

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Project Friday: Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Charles Dickens Bicentennial

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No Excuses

If you are facing a creative brick wall, unsure of how to bring a creative idea to fruition, or simply confused as to how you can make your creative dreams a reality, I think you might need a coach. As luck would have it, one of the best coaches I know, Kim Hines, is offering […]


Profile: Thomas W. Smith


Left: Thom in class looking at student work. He stood well over 6 feet tall.

Thom Smith was a high-school English teacher. He was my teacher when I arrived from California as a new student for my senior year in a suburban Chicago high school. He wasn't my first mentor; he wasn't my last mentor. He did save my life. He's the reason every morning I'm grateful that I've had mentors. He's the reason I started teaching artists residencies in the public schools. He's the reason I've worked in mentor programs. He transformed my understanding of writing as a craft and he transformed the way I keep journals: simply put, he gave me tools to follow my passion.

I almost didn't meet Thom. When I met with a counselor at my new school there were problems with my transcript from Australia. Filtered through two California schools in one and a half years, credits weren't adding up. The counselor, knowing I was college bound, suggested a string of classes which left, in the whole year, one elective. I decided to take "Creative Writing" in the fall semester. That was Thom's class.

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