Catch Up—Why I Haven’t Been Posting

May 6, 2013


Left: All of today's sketches are 8.5 x 11 inches and made with the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. The first two images and the fourth image are on coquille paper. The third image is on Richeson Recycled Watercolor paper. You can click on any image and view an enlargement.


It has been a killer week as I sort through Phyllis and Dick's home of 59 years (they've been together 64 years or so). All my time has been spent on this process and blogging has taken a back seat. So today I've put up a couple face sketches, all of which were done early in January while practicing for the Portrait Party. All of today's sketches were drawn while I was watching episodes of Perry Mason (which sadly I haven't had time to do in the past several weeks).


But I did manage yesterday before going to meet the packers, to post about the Gelli Arts Printing Plate process I used in my 2013 Fake Journal. You might want to go over there this morning and check it out. It might be something you'll want to try in your real journal.

If you scroll back through past posts on the Official International Fake Journal Blog you'll find other posts I've been making there this April about the tools and materials I used in my 2013 fake journal. (DaVinci Gouache, inexpensive acrylic paints, rubberstamps, rubberstamp inks, pens, stencils, collage, etc.)


The fake journal is so huge and unwieldy that I can't scan the pages and haven't had a moment to record a video flip through. However, I hope to do that soon so that people can see the finished encrusted pages.

In the meantime I have a series of posts coming up on that other blog which will show some of the steps and stages of the process as well as photos of finished pages that I managed to take before life got so very, very busy. I find that fake journals always teach me something about my regular journaling process. You might find some ideas to take into your own regular journaling process there.


I am also continuing to draw Phyl and Dick in darkened rooms when they nap—but none of those new images have been scanned either. It is an interesting time for my artwork outlets.

I did escape one day to go sketching at the zoo with my friend Bill. I'll share images from that trip when I get them scanned. 

In the meantime I ask myself daily, "WWPDD?" and move quickly and decisively forward. I hope you are all doing the same.

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