Sketching Folks on Project Runway

April 29, 2013

130307_ProjectRunwayStanleyLeft: Faber-Castell Pitt Artist's Calligraphy pen sketch with gouache. 8.5 x 11 inches, Richeson Recycled watercolor paper.

SPOILER ALERT: I write about which designer won season 11 of Project Runway, so if you haven't watched the finale, you've been warned.

While I seem to be forever attired in T-shirts and khakis (and sometimes Gramiccis) I have to admit that I really enjoy watching "Project Runway" to see what people come up with in a limited time frame. (Sometimes the contestants annoy me, but this season [11th] which just wrapped up last week didn't seem as bad.)

Michelle won and I have to say, if I didn't have a "uniform" I would wear clothes that she makes—I loved them all. But then I would just wear them forever even after they went out of fashion, which doesn't matter to me. I enjoyed her clothing vibe. In fact she made a pair of pants and a top one week that I could wear in different colors everyday of my life. I'm glad she won. I hope she has some success. (If you click on the link I made to her name you'll see an overview of her clothing in a short video and at 1 min. and 53 seconds or so you'll see the top and pants I could wear every day.)

While Stanley didn't win he was the designer who was the most fun to sketch. So today here are two sketches of Stanley, and then a page of gesture sketches. 

130215_ProjectRunwayContestLeft: A Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch on sumi paper, with a background added with a Montana acrylic marker (15 mm wide nib). Also 8.5 x 11 inches. The moisture from the marker warped the paper, hence the wrinkles when I scanned it.

When sketching both versions of Stanley I actually stopped the program on the DVR. When I was working on the page of gestures I let the program run and tried to carry details in my memory.



Left: Designers on Project Runway season 11. Top Left—Michelle who actually won the season. These gesture sketches were made after quick looks, relying on my memory.

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    Great sketches of Stanley! I too love Project Runway, even though I’m 68 and mostly wear pull on pants and sweatshirts or t-shirts. It’s just fun to watch other people create.

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    Thanks Michelle. I agree, it is fun to watch other people create—and I love it when they go to Mood and we get to see Swatch! (And thank goodness for cotton t-shirts, and sweats! I don’t feel funny about getting acrylic paint all over them.)

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    I was a huge PR fan and not because I’m a fashionista, but I like to see the creative process in play. Patricia was the most fun to watch. Sometimes I sketch along with the show too but haven’t been brave enough to post on my blog. I did post sketches I made from watching Downton Abbey. Thanks for sharing. Your drawings and journals are always inspiring.
    Aka ArtL8dY

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    Sharon, I love your downton abbey sketches!

    I confess I haven’t watched any of the new season yet—I wanted to savor the episodes and there is too much turmoil here right now. I hope to watch them at the end of May. I love the costumes.

    I have a sketch of Patricia that I’m going to post later this week—Patricia from Project Runway. I thought what she made was interesting, and she would probably be one of the most interesting to speak with, but I thought her final pieces weren’t that flattering on her models.

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