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In Context—Philosophical Questions Arising from Watching Perry Mason

I think this page spread text pretty much says it all. (From my cataract recuperation journals.) What are television shows telling us about their historical time periods? This one is pretty obvious.


New Boots and Getting Ready for the Minnesota State Fair

Above: A contour sketch and quick sketch of actor Raymond Burr in "Perry Mason." White acrylic marker was used on his ear on the right hand page and it transferred to his eye on the left page. Seawhite 8 x 8 inch journal. Platinum Carbon Black fiber-tipped brush pen. Orange Uni Posca at the left. […]


If the Pen Leaks Make It a Feature

Above: Sketch of actor William Talman playing Hamilton Burger on “Perry Mason.” Masking tape (left and top left), Montana Acrylic marker for pink lines and orange background (and some other colors); with Sharpie water based poster paint markers (a light blue and a white). In an 8 x 8 inch Seawhite Sketchbook. So on Friday […]


I Just Had To Show You These Two Sketches…

See the full post for details.


Catch Up—Why I Haven’t Been Posting

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Faces Part 2 of Too Many to Count

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“Don’t Worry, You Don’t Need To Call the Police. I Let Myself in”—Paul Drake: The Hardest Working P.I. on TV

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Look Who Was On “Perry Mason” the Other Day

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Daaa Dummm daaa DUM, Daaaaa Dummm daaa DUM: Paint By Numbers Perry Mason

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