If the Pen Leaks Make It a Feature

July 27, 2016


Above: Sketch of actor William Talman playing Hamilton Burger on “Perry Mason.” Masking tape (left and top left), Montana Acrylic marker for pink lines and orange background (and some other colors); with Sharpie water based poster paint markers (a light blue and a white). In an 8 x 8 inch Seawhite Sketchbook.

So on Friday I wrote about how I like to use a 15mm wide Montana Marker to make a first pass when sketching quickly and then go back and be more precise with the brush pen ink lines (here the Pentel pigment brush pen with the squeezy barrel).

I’m still playing around with the Seawhite Sketchbook l (review will be posted another day). I’m still getting used to how my various tools work not only with the paper but the cropping and scale of the page. But I’m having a lot of fun.


Left: Detail of "Burger", because it's fun to look really closely.


I water to add a little bit of white back at the nose and the ear in this sketch and blop—leaking white pen (Sharpie water based poster paint marker). Despite the leaking I really like this white marker more than any other I’ve tried, even the Montana marker white. There is something about the opacity of this paint marker I really love, it almost comes out being dimensional paint.

Did I bury the lead in today’s post? Nope, I told you the point in the post’s title.

So when the first leak of white splashed onto the left side of the page I decided “Hey, that’s kind of fun.” And pretty soon I was playing the blotches up, all over the place.

I got very little paint on my clothing, really.

Have fun.

Note: If you aren't excessively aggressive when pumping the Sharpie Watersoluble Poster Paint Pen it gives you a nice flow and line.



    • Miss T
    • July 27, 2016

    I like the drips. He looks as if he’s sweating heavily, no doubt standing outside in the humidity.

  1. Reply

    Thanks Miss T.

  2. Reply

    Thanks Jennifer. Put some plastic over your work area, put on an apron and try them again.

    I don’t have any issues getting paint on myself or the furniture so I just keep on experimenting.

    But if you’re just worried about getting messy, you can cope with that, and the final will look better and better to you the more you play with it.

    I love these experiments because they push me to try new things. New color combos, compositions, you name it.

    • Julana
    • July 28, 2016

    Beautiful colors.

  3. Reply

    not worried at all about getting messy, i don’t think I own clothes tht don’t have paint or ink on them lol

    I think its because I feel I can’t control them very well. Should probably just practice more 🙂

  4. Reply

    Jennifer like you I’ve got paint on just about every article of clothing I own.

    As for control, YEP if you use them more you’ll control them more.

    What I really enjoy is using the large 15mm tip and getting it into small spaces where it shouldn’t fit. Spaces I can’t see when I go into them because the tip and marker obscure the area I’m sketching in. It’s like sketching blind contours in a way, except that I have a particular spot I want that color to go, e.g., the irises in the eyes.

    I just have to take my fun where I can find it!

  5. Reply

    Thank you Julana!

    • Julana
    • August 2, 2016


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